Why is it important for businesses to have their ‘Google My Business’ page managed and maintained?

Let us tell you using Google’s own words:

“Google My Business connects you directly with customers, whether they’re looking for you on Search, Maps or Google+.”

Google My Business was once known as Google Places, however the new format is now a crucially important element for all local businesses. Not being there is genuinely costing you money in lost business.

Google has axed over half of the businesses that were listed in Google Local – have you suffered?

You may not be familiar with the format below because it is Google’s new local business listings. If you search for your business type and your area in Google …. in theory your business name, address, phone number and big bold logo should jump out at you – if isn’t there – you are giving money to your compeitors. It really is that simple.

Google maps listings for seo

What we have done here is searched in Google for ‘First Aid Courses St.Albans’. Because people tend to search for the service and location, it could be ‘double glazing Webshire’ for instance or chiropractor in Edgware..

What we see here is the sponsored links (Adwords) as usual but look what sticks out the most, a big bold logo and location map of 1StAiders, a provider of First Aid Courses in St.Albans …

…and that listing is FREE


It also appears in the listings on the left, A, B, C – in this case it is A.

Are you listed like this?

If not it means you have not set it up correctly and optimised it professionally.

Ensuring you have not only the right listing but correctly optimised can have a big impact on your website  traffic, also for your visitors because it provides an actual physical location of your businesses. They can click on a map to see where you are, if you have visitors but if you visit their premises only, you won’t need the map, but you do need contact details, opening hours and link to your website.

It is also important that you set up your Google Plus page. (I can help with this)

It is important to mention that this isn’t just a place in Google, it is a special page exclusive to you. Your own Google Plus Page

You must have a fully complete and working Google My Business page so that you can increase the success, not just online but your offline operation too.

Make sure that your Google + Page is complete, professional  and performing …this is crucial


It is important that you know exactly how to fine tune your Google plus page and map set up because effective use of Google My Business, Google Maps and even in Google Plus can all combined together can almost guarantee that when people search for your business they will find exactly what they’re looking for.

 Why is Google My Business important for your business?

Most searches are done on a mobile device such as Tablet, Netbook etc and a vast number of Google searches contain a location.

This is why is is crucially important to have your page ranking for your local business in Google My Business.

Firstly it delivers instant results,  it also helps with your SEO if it is executed properly because your new Google page can incorporate a vast amount of crucial information about your business.

If you ignore a Google My Page slot, it means local business is not important to you.

Can you ignore local business?  Missing out on this free website traffic will cost you dearly.

Take action now and  claim your slot and page if you haven’t done so already.

If you are not sure that your Google My Business page is ranking where it should or you haven’t got one, I can help.

Your competitors are probably already listed and taking your business.

Call me, Peter Yexley on 01727 825 999 or email me on mail@ukhq.com