How important is SEO research?

By Peter Yexley


Firstly I would suggest you look at this information on how keywords are important to Google (or not!)..

I don’t tend to use the word ‘Keyword’ as much as I use ‘search term’ – however search term research is certainly one of the most crucial and valuable jobs that we need for SEO.

Good quality keyword/search term research is invaluable and can make or break the success of your website.

seo experts HertsAlmost everybody I speak to will tell me that they know their keywords, quite rightly so! – and then they are shocked by all the ones they didn’t know,  because after researching keyword and search terms, we gather a vast amount of marketing intelligence, not just ‘keywords’ but terms and phrases that are being used by people but finding your competitors  – not your own  website. Ignoring these will cost you dearly.

Where this marketing intelligence really comes into its own is it helps predict patterns of demand and allows you to respond to changing market conditions.

Every business has seasons, not the weather type but trending types. It is important to create fresh unique content that is totally relevant to those actively seeking your type of service or products.

As we embark upon research we will see how people are querying Google and/or Bing when searching for your type of business. we may discover searches as a result of news items, current affairs, trends and many other reasons for seeking your type of business.

Whilst SEO is about fine tuning your website to attract visitors it is more important to get the right kind of visitors. – quality not quantity.

So, after researching the most commonly used search terms we will have a list – the more time spent, the bigger the list. What do we do with the list?

It is now worth looking at this article on content writing because there is little or no point in using search terms that you have discovered after research if the content is not relevant to the search terms.

Before you choose to use a specific search term, it must be relevant to your website’s content.

If someone types in that particular search term in Google and discovers your website, will they then find what they are looking for on your website?

Google is very robust in its policy of relevant content to the search term and maintaining the visitor’s interest – It is important to keep them on your website until they take the action you require. Read this about Google’s Bounce Rate.

If they are satisfied with what you have provided, they are much easier to convert to customers. So the importance is in ensuring that the content is totally relevant to the search term.

By taking each and every newly researched search term and pasting it into Google, the search engine results will provide a very good understanding of competitors websites that already rank for that search term, thus giving you a powerful insight into your competition for that search term.

It is important to note the websites that are coming up in the search engine results, creating a list of competitors for each search term will provide a bigger picture.

Soon you will have a list of search terms and competitors.

Don’t use search terms just for the sake of it, choose the best and save the rest for later.

Don’t over-use the search terms in your content, over zealous SEO can cause far more problems than no SEO. Remember, Good quality keyword/search term research is invaluable and can make or break the success of your website

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