Social Media Marketing

A couple of years ago if anybody had asked me if social media was worth looking at as far as website marketing is concerned I would have said “not yet”.

Today, in 2015 Social Media SEO is more important than many webmasters realise and so many get it wrong, eventually experiencing disappointment due to low or no marketing results.

There is now no doubt that Social media marketing is a major player in SEO, it adds power to your website’s search engine rankings,  and can attract a lot more traffic and a lot more real customers….when done properly.

social media marketing expertsWhat is Social media? It is a collective term for all those websites such as Facebook (900 million users), Twitter (310 million users),  Linkedin (225 million users),  Pinterest (250 million users), Google + (120 million users), Tumblr (110 million users) etc.

The figures quoted are monthly users and accurate as of September 2014.

Facebook has 25 million UK users per day and they check their status on average 18 times per day.

Businesses who ignore social media do so at their own peril


Just a few years ago the standard off page SEO strategy pivoted around link Building, it worked because it was a way for Google to measure the popularity of websites. In theory; the more links a website attracted, the more popular the website …until people started selling links!

Now there are better, far more efficient ways to gain powerful traffic, this is social media.

Whether you like Facebook and Twitter or not, it’s all part of social media and crucial to your online presence as well as your search engine rankings. Don’t dismiss it! – it can make you money.

Many business people don’t understand social media and see it as a confusing mass of chitter-chatter, like an out-of-tune radio station making no real sense. Tune in and it all becomes perfectly clear!

Social media marketing is about being engaged and interactive with your audience, getting involved and genuinely reaching out.

It doesn’t mean that you need to live in Facebook constantly chatting, but it is good practice to keep in touch, may be a few minutes per day – or deploy the skills of a Social Media Manager.

Let me give you an example of a post that came up in my newsfeed:

I’ve decided to fix my gappy smile and get some implants, does anybody know the cost and and a nice gentle clinic – oh, and does it hurt a lot?

The reaction to this was mainly people ‘tagging’ other people into the conversation that have had the procedure or experienced it themselves and others providing links to various clinics. The icing on the cake was a local clinic answering the question in detail and no doubt winning a client. Had they not had a Facebook page, they wouldn’t have got the business – it is that simple.


Let’s take it a step further, we’ll call the person who posted the shout out for a dentist ‘Sue’. She has 350 friends in her Facebook Profile. They see Sue’s appeal in their ‘newsfeed’, some will ‘like’ i, others will respond with a comment.

Google may have disliked Facebook and Twitter but still took them seriously enough to look towards social media and create their own part of the market in the form of their new brand Google+, a business type of Facebook. If you can’t beat em, join em!

Now is the time to “crowd source” your link building with Social Media.

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google plus are all geared towards gathering ‘followers’, attracting individuals to ‘follow’ you, like you, be in your ‘circle’,  these people can then share your website content with all of their friends because at the end of the day that’s what social media is all about … being social, liking and sharing!

Let’s assume you write new content for your website, you can share it on Twitter and also encourage your followers to also share it, so that their followers read it too, and perhaps share it. Good content can become viral.

If you simply add social buttons to your website, it allows visitors to share those pages on social media sites and thus provide people with the facility to quickly and easily “vote” for your content. Social buttons are a fairly passive way for you get involved with social media and  it is a numbers game.  Many people may see your content but never become real customers, some will … it isn’t important at this stage. The strategy is to build social buzz around your website.

making money from social media

Building anything, good foundations are crucial and building your social media marketing means building a crowd, attracting people and engaging with them – where do you find them to start with?

They are under your nose but deep within each of the social media networks. Some are easier than others to find – I can help you with this, contact me

Be mindful that they don’t all stay, the process id dynamic, people come and go. If you provide them with the right content, not only will they stay with you and even become customers, they will share your content and encourage their friends. Soon your followers will organically grow – but you might need a little boost to get the momentum.


Being social is certainly the quickest method of multiplying your online presence.

SEO Watford HertsWhereas old school SEO link building was about leaving “signs” to your website, but the signposts were always in places where nobody is actually looking, a sign in the wilderness. Having links on meaningless, almost secret websites is a nonsense.

Social media is the total opposite, imagine a busy gathering, buzzing with interaction and activity, people coming and going, conversations constantly happening in real time almost all of the time.

Where would your business rather be? If you want to be in the busiest place, it is crucially important to have a social media presence. This is not just about being in the social media and never or rarely post anything. I can help you with the interactive aspect of social media.

Your social media pages need to be pro-active, social and engaging. It certainly is the quested method to multiply your online presence – You are probably still asking “why?” and the answer is simple …. Social Media is where everyone else is. Like any type of advertisement, place it in front of the right people and you can build your business.

Here’s a link to one of my social media pages, it gives examples of different applications that I use to engage with people. Facebook/social engagement.
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