Facebook marketing with surveys and quizzes.

There is serious money to be made from marketing on Facebook with surveys, quizzes etc because most people enjoy a quiz, whether it is a personal challenge or public prowess!

They like them even more when there is an incentive or prize.

Incentives really help to capture leads ! … It has to be an incentive good enough for a perspective customer to give their email address in exchange.  The prize has to be something of perceived value. If they receive something better than expected and then perhaps an added unannounced bonus – it helps build trust. If you over delivered when giving something away, it reflects on your business ethos too.

That first impression made when connecting with a new lead is extremely important.

So what is ‘perceived‘ value? – It doesn’t need to have a high monetary value but must have a worth. It could be an ebook containing ‘insider secrets’, possibly on sale in Amazon for £25, it could be a free gift, free sample, discount, BOGOF whatever it is, it has to be something satisfactory for the person that partakes in your quiz..

Easy to answer questions will reflect on the quality of the prize, challenging questions make the quiz and the prize worthy of participation.

Identify the types of quizzes that are already getting a lot of engagement, it doesn’t need to be on topic with the product or service you offer, it could be current affairs, TV, cinema, sports ..whatever.

Halloween, Valentine’s, Easter, World Cup, Wimbledon ….


Use popular events to create profit pulling campaigns

This is how can I help you

We’ll start creating the quiz, poll, or survey to suit the promotion in hand.  I’ll make sure you get everything up and running.

I’ll help create a relevant Facebook Fan Page If you haven’t got one already, also it is better to create an additional fan page relating the niche that you are going to target. So, even if you have a Facbook page, a specific one is far better and we will run ads in your prospect’s newsfeed from the new page.

I‘ll even build lots of new ‘likes’. The goal is to get loads of viral traffic!

It is important for me at this stage to throw some extra emphasis on how to create a powerful email sequence,

Consider if you are going to choose the lazy route, or are you prepared to put in some effort? This means you should now choose if you are  going to create direct links to a point of sale, or are you going to capture the lead first by sending them to a squeeze page ?

Direct linking can be great, as much as I said the ‘lazy’ route, it really means less work for you, and that can certainly be a plus. But you may be leaving money on the table if you take this route.Your choice!

To make more money in the long-run always capture the lead! Capturing the lead is crucially important and it allows you to market multiple times to your database of emails.

This might seem like I’m stating the obvious but lots of people are still direct linking and are not really willing to go the extra mile because of the work involved in lead capture, let me assure you… when you go down the lead capture route, you’ll notice the difference on your bank statement!

 Create a powerful email sequence

If you don’t have an auto responder, I urge you to consider getting one. Again, I can help. Today any seasoned marketer will agree that the money is in both the list and the relationship you have with the people on that list.

We create your email sequence, this automates a big chunk of your onlne marketing, freeing you to run your business, and when done correctly it really captivates your audience. Basically, your prospective customer enters their email address and automatically receives a welcome message from you. You can set a system to automatically send other emails with information or deals – no effort on your part.

Let’s say we set you up with just a simple of 3– 5 emails spread out over 1 or 2 weeks, that small amount will work wonders.

There’s lots of data available online and they all agree that  people will stay on your list longer if you just send out 2 – 3 emails a week. They need to be meaningful and not deemed as junk.

The average potential customer goes over into buying action on the 7th  time of exposure to an offer.

Do you really know your audience?

If you don’t, this might be a little late in process but I tend do it in the second half of prepping a campaign.

Research is important – searching, hunting and fishing for potential buyers is important if you don’t choose to run an FB ad campaign.

The idea of running an FB campaign is that we can drill deep into Facebook’s member base, we might only want to target females in the south of England aged between 35 and 40 for example. We might want to target any gender teenagers in full time education.

Don’t rely too much on your marketing hunch, focus on the statistics that you have gleaned in your research then cross verify it with your hunch! And vice-versa! – I can do the research for you.
Target your ads properly!  don’t worry, I’m here to help.
It is a good idea to make your Facebook page really engaging, they don’t tend to work too well on autopilot, so start with replying to comments that are being made on your Facebook page, and like the comments from the posters too!
This will make sure that social engagement is happening and it will help others to engage much faster.
Following these simple steps can lead to your Facebook promotion getting more and more clicks that convert to money
More clicks convert to more traffic, more traffic means more sales, and more  success.

To succeed online you must have enough targeted traffic!

Although it is abundantly obvious, I’ll say it anyway, getting people to click on your ad is the most important first step in generating sufficient traffic to your site to achieve your goals.
One of the secrets to success with Facebook is writing a great ad.
Facebook marketing offers perhaps more possibility for a greater return on investment than any other marketing vehicle.  The main reason why people don’t succeed with Facebook marketing is by not understanding the concept. People still see it as a fad or smoke and mirrors!
ONE great Facebook campaign can literally be the foundation to success.

The main purpose of this type of campaign is simply to get the reader to take the next logical step, the ad is a ‘call to action’.

The end result may be the reader ending up on a web site or sales page, or perhaps a lead generation approach that results in the reader providing their contact details before the complete information is revealed. Whichever way, your Facebook ad has just one job and one job only, that is to SELL THE CLICK.

It is important to be mindful that the purpose of the initial ad should rarely be to actually sell a product!

This is a two – step method where the ad is designed to create an interest (or curiosity), then take the reader to your website  or sales page, possibly leaving you with their email address.

When the person arrives on your website or sales page as a result of clicking your ad, it did the job!