Are Videos Good For SEO?


There are a number of benefits to using videos as part of any SEO  project. One of the main ones is that Google owns YouTube and makes a vast amount of money from the advertising that appears at the beginning of videos on YouTube.

So, it makes sense for Google to promote videos, however in order that your videos rank well for you in organic search results, they must  deliver quality engaging content.

What constitutes good quality video content is subjective, you might find my next video very engaging but the next person could feel it is dull and boring …horses for courses.

A video should solves problems or provide new information. You don’t need a Hollywood star or even minor celebrity and the truth is, top quality content, professionally delivered isn’t expensive to produce, you don’t even need humans!
I can create a video, geared for SEO and offer a low cost monthly payment plan.

What types of SEO videos are available?

Whiteboard presentation videos are popular, here is an example

Because of the demand for presentation videos I have embarked upon the Video Factory which is a service simply focusing on  low-cost promotional videos where much of the elements are already made, saving you a vast fortune.

It is like a pick and mix, but personalised to suit you. Professionally directed top quality commercial videos with real actors, then we custom create the important parts that make it yours.