Even the most experienced copywriters get it wrong!


By Peter Yexley

Before the internet was born, I used to write advertisements and copy for brochures, articles all other marketing material. Because I’ve been involved in the internet since it started, I have learned and evolved, been part of the changes and kept up with Google’s algorithms, so if I chose to take one of my masterpieces from the dim and distant past to publish as website content, Hertfordshire website copywritingit would drop like a lead balloon – completely fail.
Don’t get me wrong, there would be nothing wrong with it from a reading point of view and still make an interesting read but as far as website content not written to suit the search engines, it just would not work.

A lot of people think it is the ‘Catch 22’ scenario, where if we write for Google, the visitor would not find it at all interesting and if we write for the visitor, Google would not reward it with good search engine rankings.


Let’s put it into perspective. Most websites are written in-house or by website designers who rely on copy from their client.

website ghostwriter seo services I act as Ghostwriter for many professional website designers because whilst they are incredibly creative at producing fantastic websites, they are not copy writers and whilst I am a creative website marketing expert, I am not by any means a website designer – and first to admit it.

Website content has many jobs, yes it needs to convince Google that the website is worthy of high rankings in its search engine, then it needs to pull in the visitor, welcome them, make them want to stay by constantly delivery what they are looking for, yet convert them to customers.

Whether it is a product or service, if the content is full of waffle, stuffing and filler, saying a lot but actually making no sense, the visitor will go …to your competitor.

A website’s content cannot deliver everything for everybody in one go, some people may find what they are looking for very early, others will take longer and if your content has too many diversions, it will never capture and convert the reader,Hertfordshire ghostwriting services

A call to action is important, for example, this might be the point where you have read enough and would like to discuss your website content – you can call Peter Yexley on 01727 825 999 or this link will take you to my contact page.

If you are bored to death and need to leave, the content hasn’t done is job, or it simply isn’t for you. Google will note this, it is called ‘Bounce Rate‘ – click on the link to find out more

Why is this Bounce Rate so important to Google?

It means Google didn’t deliver relevant content to the person searching. So, on the surface it seems the SEO is excellent because the website was found but if it wasn’t relevant to the person’s needs, Google feels it failed and takes the bounce very seriously. This is why well written content is crucially important.

If you thought keywords submitted to Google were important in SEO, you might be surprised to learn that they are not, click the link for more information about the importance of Keywords with Google.

 Website content is no different than a recipe in that all the ingredients are important.

It is important to write for Google if being found in search engines is important to the success of the website and it is equally important to write for the visitor. Mixing the correct balance of search terms, internal and external links.

If you would like to discuss your website content, please feel free to call me on 01727 825 999.