What is Google’s Bounce Rate?

By Peter Yexley
Google Bounce Rate, this is measured in percentages of a website-page visits, g=how long they sty on your page before they leave.

Is a High Bounce Rate in Google Bad?

Google’s high Bounce Rate generally indicates that a visitor did not stay on the page, possibly did not find the page interesting or relevant,  may be the visitor did not find an enticing link to click-through.

What is Google's Bounce Rate?There is an exception to the rule in that when a visitor lands on your webpage and finds your content interesting, informative and have no further need to dwell on the page or delving deeper into your website.

Do I need to achieve a low Bounce Rate?


A low bounce rate generally means that they have not bounced off the page and you have captured their interest.

There is an exception to this rule too, a low Bounce Rate together with a high number of Page views could mean that your visitors are still looking and unable to find what they are looking for.  Soon they will leave your website unfulfilled

Why is Bounce Rate important in SEO?

It all points to good quality content, you have read this far, I must be holding your interest. The longer people stay on pages withing this website, the more Google sees that the content is of interest and therefore relevant to what the visitor was searching for.

Why is it important to Google?

It is important for Google to lead in the search engine wars, Bing is owned by Microsoft and it too wants to be the leader. Both earn vast amounts of money in advertising but Google earns more because it is the top search engine and that is because it is really concerned about delivering good quality results in the search engine.

Google will reward websites that offer fresh quality and relevant content by promoting it in the search engine rankings.

This is only one element of Google’s many search engine algorithms.