By Peter Yexley

There isn’t a “right” number of keywords on a page and many a webmaster has been caught in the trap of concentrating on ‘the right number of keywords’.

Among Google’s algorithms there is the question of ‘keyword weight and density’ which is where a lot of confusion lies but there is no keyword density target that you should be aiming for.

There is no doubt that using a keyword far too many times can result in being penalized by Google due to “keyword stuffing.” – This is spamming and frowned upon.

Google’s top priority is good quality, fresh, unique content, no visitor will stay on your website for more than a couple of seconds if it is stuffed with repetitive keywords. So, for a very brief time you may win in the search engine rankings under certain keywords but your bounce rate may cause penalties.

The bottom line is; undertake proper keyword research and only use keywords appropriately and you won’t need to worry about reaching an arbitrary target.

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